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    Throwing a stag and doe party is a great way to celebrate the nuptials of an engaged couple and is also a great way to raise money to kick start a new life together or have extra money for the honeymoon of their dreams. While ticket sales will fatten the wallet, the bulk of funds raised will come from games played at the event itself. At its core, the purpose of stag or doe games is to raise as much money as possible, but you don’t want the guests to feel used. The key to a successful “game plan” is to have a collection of games that are not only fun but also provide an incentive for guests to play. Here are some ideas for Jack and Jill games that will have your guests cashing in without feeling like they are kissing their money goodbye.

    Sweet Treats Auction


    Purchase several confectionary treats from a local store or ask family or friends to make their favorites. As an incentive, you may offer five entries to win the “grand prize” for the event. Have a table set up to place all of the treats to display and see if the DJ will act as auctioneer. The auction is conducted in the same way as a general auction. The pie, cake, or other treat goes to the highest bidder.




    pie in face 2

    This is always a hit. At some point in the guests’ life, chances are good they’ve wanted to nail the bride or groom in the face with a pie. This will be their chance. You can do this one of three ways. Have a preset number of pies and let guests bid on the pies. The winners get to do the deed. You can also have guests to purchase pies for a preset price. The last method inspires competition and a battle of the sexes. Label one jar “Bride” and the other “Groom.” Advise guests to drop money in the jar of who they want to see get a pie in the face at the end of the night. The jar with the most money at the end of the night gets a pie in the face from the other.

    Fruit Tango

    Fruit Tango is always good for a laugh and is great for couples. Purchase several pieces of circular fruit, such as an orange or a grapefruit. Have each team place the fruit at a common location, such as their bellybutton. Using only their bodies, no hands, the first team to move the fruit to their mouths’ win.



    This is one game the guests DON’T want to win. Get a fish bowl and a very small goldfish. Place the goldfish on the table where guests will arrive.  Write each guest’s name on a list and offer them the chance to buy “goldfish insurance.” For a certain price, they can purchase the assurance their name won’t be drawn at the end of the night to eat the live goldfish. All guests who haven’t purchased insurance will be placed in a bowl and the “winner” must eat the goldfish. If you have moral objections to the thought of eating a living creature, this can be substituted for something that would be equally unappealing.





    Sell tickets at a set price; generally, $3 is a popular amount. All money collected for 50/50 goes into a jar. The winner of the drawing splits the dough with the couple.

    Food Auction


    Another classic which can bring large sums of cash for the couple, and is incredibly amusing is the food auction. Essentially many every day grocery items are purchased (eggs, flour, ketchup, milk, etc) and are auctioned off item by item to dump on the Bride and Groom to be. A word of caution (check with your venue to ensure they will permit this game in advanced)

    Hammer and Nail Tournament:


    An all-time stag and doe classic, a mini tournament is held where competitors faceoff against each other in a race to see who can hammer their nail into a log the fastest. Each competitor alternates turns to strike the nail and drive it in. The winner is declared when their nail is completely flush in the wood. Each offers a buy in price and is split with the winner at the end of the tourney.

    Toonie or Loonie Toss/ Curling:


    Place a prize of your choice (beverage bottles work well) on the floor. The prize should be of good value and enticing for your guest to want to play. Place a line with type on the floor (10 ft away, or use your discretion).  Patrons then take turns sliding their coin across the floor, at the end of the round; the person with the closest coin to the prize wins it! Several variations can be played as well as several rounds for different prizes. This is fun game and an easy way to earn a little extra at your stag and doe.


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