• Stag and Doe Ideas

    Why not start to make money before the stag and doe party, it is a good way to advertise the main event and you can raise more money either at the event or on a run up to it. In terms of events there are a plethora of events you can organize, the only limit is your imagination really.  Make sure your idea is open, easily accessible and something that everyone can participate if they wish.

    Popular ways of making money are car washes, cookie or bake sales and garage or rummage sales. You can use them but improve the ideas to make more money and promote your hen and stag nights too!

    Too washed out

    Car washes are OK, but you could offer to recreational vehicles, trucks and boats to make even more money. Everyone is trying to raise money by washing cars. People have invested heavily in their recreational vehicles and other recreational toys. They will often pay much more for then cleaned and you can even add some cash onto the cost and have them enter into a prize draw!

    Again, not cookies

    Bake sales have always been profitable in the parameters of law, but they are still the same old thing. Cookies, cakes and pies are baking goods of his choice. You can do much better. Try cooking unique pieces and charging more money for them. There are hundreds of wonderful recipes for cooking products very unique bakery that people are not used to seeing, and this will give you an advantage. Again, this is another way of promoting the main event and you can also sell them on the stag and doe party night as well.

    Not another garage sale

    Garage sales or rummage sales are a well known way of making money for all sorts of reasons; you could do an auction instead of a garage or rummage sale and make more money by creating more interest. You do not need a professional auctioneer. You can do just fine with running this at or pre the main party.

    Also – at the hen and stag, sell people insurance on the door. Here’s how it works. At the door, as people are coming in, you have your door people offer them insurance’. It is normally an extra dollar on top of the price of admission. When giving away door prizes, if the person with a winning ticket has insurance, they are free to claim their prize

    If however the person with a winning ticket did not get insurance at the door, they must do a forfeit before they can claim their prize, or pay 5 dollars for late insurance. It’s a good way to earn extra funds for the wedding and have some fun as well at the stag and doe party itself.

    There is no reason why a stag and doe party cannot run a full day of events with the big party at night being given over to music, food and dancing with events during the day being more community based!


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